Don’t Do The Tasks You Hate

One way to get stop putting off the tasks you know have to be done in your online business, but can’t face doing them, is to simply outsource them. It will also make your business more productive.

Most digital marketing and online business tasks can be outsourced today. So, the first clue you have that you should outsource something is when you hate doing it yourself.

But there is more to outsourcing than that.

Does It Make Sense On A Financial Basis?

Often the tasks you dislike doing are regarded (at least by you) to be basic tasks. This may include publishing blog posts, data entry, publishing to social media, and so on. These are tasks that are perfect for outsourcing because they’re uninteresting to you and most probably you can earn more revenue by outsourcing it and concentrating on your main money maker.

Are You Qualified To Do It?

Some of the tasks you hate doing are probably because you’re not very good at doing them. And, as a business owner you don’t have to be good at doing everything. This doesn’t mean you’re lacking in business skills. It just means that you can’t do a very good job doing something you weren’t properly trained to do.

A good example is creating graphics or website building. If this isn’t the primary purpose of your business, then it probably takes you ten times as long to do it and the final result will not be as good if it is completed by someone skilled in that area.

You Would Rather Be Playing Golf (or Fishing, etc… )

Sometimes you hate doing a task because it’s taking away from the things you really want to do. When your business gets to a particular level, it is practical to start outsourcing various jobs so that you can do other things you consider fun to do.

Is Outsourcing Right For Your Business?

The general guideline is that if a piece of work is not your main line of work, then outsourcing it is completely fine. The other thing is, if you can outsource it for less than you can earn from the task then you’re ahead of the game too. Of course, you want the person you use outsourcing for to do as well, so pick your outsourcers carefully and pay them a fair wage.

How To Use Your 404 Error Pages In Your Favor

The scary encounter.

The terrifying encounter with this type of webpages are regrettably oftentimes inevitable. Having 1 or 2 on your internet site is excusable, keeping 3 – 6 of them is forgivable, but having much more must be regarded as a crime. It’s very best in the issue is fixed and the simple utilization of custom 404 pages are not designed to be seen as answer as it is even more of a cure. But often, conditions ultimately lead a visitor to a 404 web pages so it’s most effective to be ready in these types of circumstances.

1) The client is always right.

Keep in mind that old saying that the client is usually right. Very well, this is the one place you should apply it. It doesn’t matter how your site visitors found the page in error, possibly his fault or yours, have an apology mentioned on your custom-made 404 web page. As tempting as recommending that they may well have mistyped the URL in the address bar, make sure you avoid from doing so.

2) Is this right.

Anytime I personally reach a 404 internet page, the first of all factor I would question was if I had wrongly arrived on another internet site. So one of the greatest things to do on your tailor-made 404 page is to make sure your site visitors are still on the right domain or site and they had merely simply got a page that is missing or unavailable at that period.

3) A search Box.

If they understand what they were interested in, yet they simply can’t discover the precise web page or its address, so having a search box would be extremely useful right here. There are a lot of 100 % free methods in existence that may help you incorporate a search function characteristic into your web page. Actually Google is providing it which usually you can certainly grab it for no cost and personalize it for your personal internet site. It’s known as Google Site Search.

4) Sitemaps.

If you have a fresh visitor to your internet site and he/she doesn’t understand what precisely to query for in the initial place? Still not an issue, include a link to your sitemap prepared and on display covered right into your custom 404 page. That way, your visitor can browse through and click on other links of interest. This is the perfect excuse to spruce up your sitemap page to make it more navigation-friendly and convenient on the sight. Keeping a page mess-full of jumbled up links is simply as negative as having none at all.

5) Back To Square One.

The primary page or home page is often one of the most frequented website page of any kind of site. Therefore have it’s very best to incorporate a link on your 404 page which usually may usher them back to the main page as it may possibly become the page they meant to proceed in the very first place.

6) Slip It In.

Since you currently have a site visitor landing on your 404 page, why not have a display of your business main product/service on the web site too? Probabilities are it is a thing they were in search of once they paid a visit to your internet site.

While designing your 404 pages is wonderful practice when it involves web page design a few people make the mistake of going overboard with their 404 pages. They commonly contain in too various insignificant links and info which should not belong on a 404 page. A tailor-made 404 Page is meant to be a means of obtaining visitors back on track and not to change the missing or unavailable web page.

Internet Marketing Rules For Success

I intend to post several articles about Internet Marketing Rules for Success.

The reason being is that there is too much to say in just one short article. What I will not be covering is traffic. I have written a few articles about this subject so just go and have a look at them.

What makes a successful internet marketer?

There are many things such as:

A great website
Great content
Interaction with the readers
In this article I will be looking at how to structure a website.

A website is more than just a random list of words. There has to be a certain flow to it. You have to guide people through your website. You have to make sure that they look at the important information.

Let us look at the website structure.

The first thing you need to do before anything else is make your website appealing to your visitors. How you do this will depend on the visitors it is targeted towards. If it is targeted towards an older person then you will not want flashy graphics. If it is targeted towards a younger person then you need to have something that will appeal to younger person. Make sure however that it is all in keeping with the title of your post. That is most probably what caused them to click on it in the first place so that is what they came to see.

Have a sentence or two to tell them what they can expect from the website.

Next you have to make the web site flow naturally. Do not jump from one topic to another. Give them the content they are expecting. You have to guide them through your website. Make them look at what you want them to look at. Highlight interesting text. Draw their attention to certain areas. Make them feel in control.

Never force them to do something.

It will make them feel uneasy. Make it an enjoyable experience. If they enjoy it they will be more like to remember it and come back again. They are more likely to discuss it with their friends. That is one of the keys to getting viral traffic. Internet marketing is a numbers game. The higher the numbers of visitors you can get to your site, the higher the number of sales you are likely to make.

The Importance of Web Site Content

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Digg and all the 100s of other social media outlets may be of great importance to your business, but, one thing has not changed and probably never will and that is the need for web site content. In other words, do you regularly add content to your web site or do you just think about it and rarely do this?

Site Content Matters!

The fact is, content is still the king of page rank. Yes, there may be other ways to increase page rank but if you do not add to and improve your site content regularly your site will either loose ranking or visitors will not turn into paying customers as often as they may have.

Social Media and Site Advertising Matters But…

Keep in mind that, you want to develop all of this social media, videos, blogging and other targeting methods such as PPC to bring more people to your web site. So, since the goal is ultimately driving visitors to your web site, then you need to make sure that your site content is rich and of good quality. If not, all the advertising and/or publicity you may generate outside for your site may have little consequences to your bottom line be it financial or personal.

Content Affects Site Rank

When looking at the reasons for search engines to rank your site well, content is of major importance. Search engines live on quality content and the more of it they can deliver to web searchers; the better it is for everyone. When a search engines finds a site that seems to deliver good content, it does not just affect the page that is popular but the whole site. That works the other way too. Poor content may negatively impact other pages on your site.

In addition to search engines, other content delivery sites look for quality content they can post on their own site. As a rule, when your web page is delivered by content sites, your company name and site link is also delivered, which, in most cases, improves your page rank with major search engines.

What is a good amount of content?

First of all, a good amount of content is one that is continually added upon. In other words, you may start with a web site with 10 pages that brings you some web traffic but, as times go, you will want to add more pages to that site on, at least, a weekly basis. The amount of pages will depend upon the demand your type of product has on the web. As you discover new important keywords that pertain to your product of interest, you will want to add pages targeting those keywords.

What is quality content?

Each page should be as focused as possible on keyword subjects. Of course, you do not want to write pages just to stuff the right amount of keywords into the pages. The quality of your writing is more important. Let your thoughts stay focused on the subject and let yourself write naturally around that subject. The right amount of keywords will likely come out naturally. If it does not then refocus your writing so as to optimize the page with quality wording.

So, again, when it comes to your site, make sure that you continually write new, quality and engaging content. It will likely improve your site ranking and your visitor experience whether they are coming from a search engine like Google or Bing or from a social media site like Facebook or Tweeter. If you have any questions about site analysis and content, please do not hesitate to ask us. Be well.